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AUKEY KM-G3 Keyboard Review

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There really isn't much to say about the packaging for the AUKEY KM-G3; it follows the same branding and style as their other products, is very clean, very plain and has an image of the product on front. It just consists of a white sleeve wrapped around a plain brown cardboard box, which does the job. It keeps the keyboard in good condition and that is all that matters.

The back of the box usually gives us a lot of information in regards to what is inside, and it is no different with the AUKEY KM-G3, but there are far less features shown.

Inside the box, we have the keyboard, instructions, and a warranty guide; a pretty basic package, it does help keep cost down. I do have a nagging feeling I have seen a very similar keyboard previously, so my guess is that this is a rebrand, which I will look into later on in this review.
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