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AXP / Xion SuperNova 600W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The AXP/Xion SuperNova 600W costs around $90. Newegg even has a mail-in-rebate right now to bring the price down to less than $40! In the EU, our friends at CaseKing, who also provided the sample, have the unit listed for € 89.99.
  • Quiet
  • Nice looks
  • Affordable
  • Modular
  • Cables are fully sleeved
  • Short cables (good for small cases)
  • Low efficiency
  • Two PCI-E connectors on one cable
  • High heat output, needs faster running fan under heavy load
  • Modular connectors are a bit hard to work with
  • 3.3V line a bit unstable
  • Short cables (bad for big cases)
The AXP SuperNova 600W, or Xion SuperNova 600W (or Kingwin Mach 1 600W) is always the same product, just with different branding. In my opinion this helps make the PSU available to a wider range of customers. The way the modular cables are connected is a pretty unique approach that was pioneered by case modders. While it is very nice to look at, especially when in action it has the drawback that it seems a bit harder to install than your normal way of attaching the cables. Another thing to mention about the cables is that they are rather short, which will be a godsend if you have a small form factor case and plan on doing some cable hiding. Users of full tower cases should definitely check if the available cable length will fit their system.
The performance results of the SuperNova are satisfactory but nothing exceptional. What is more of an issue is the low efficiency of around 75%. While some vendors actually advertise this as "high efficiency" I think it's a bit low when compared to other offerings on today's market. The fan noise is refreshingly low when the PSU is not heavily loaded but ramps up quickly once you pull a lot of power from it.
For a normal gaming system with one video card this PSU seems to be a good choice, once you go SLI or CrossFire you should probably look at other offerings, especially since the SuperNova has both VGA connectors on the same cable, so the load isn't distributed as it should be.
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