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ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE Review

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The Fatal1ty AA8XE does not come in your average motherboard packaging.

First, the package is a bit bigger, compared to a standard motherboard package.

What is also nice, is that you can open a lid on the package and take a look at the board through some holes that look like they were ripped into the packaging by bullets.

The color scheme of the box could be best described as dark industrial - DOOM style.

On the backside you can get a quick glance at the features and read a message from Fatal1ty.


The motherboard, together with the audio riser card is in a box with a transparent lid.

Under that box you will find two more boxes with the usual standard things like rounded cables, manual and drivers.

You will receive:
  • Motherboard
  • Audio Riser Card
  • Software & Drivers CD, SATA RAID controller floppy
  • Rounded ATA100 cable, rounded FDD cable
  • 4x SerialATA cable, 1x SerialATA Power Adapter
  • User's Guide, Quick Setup Manual, both in English
  • uGuru Manual
  • 2x IEEE1394 + 2x USB Header
  • SP-DIF cable
  • Jumper layout sticker, ABIT Case Badge
  • Rear Panel Cover
  • RAMFlow cooler
The package is pretty complete, except that I would prefer to see more SATA Power Adapters and a COM port adapter would be nice as well.
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