ABIT AT8 Review

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  • The AT8 from ABIT is sold for around $120 which makes this a very competitive price compared to other Crossfire boards.
  • Crossfire support
  • Lots of BIOS options for overclocking
  • Good Performance
  • Good on-board Audio
  • All passively cooled
  • Memory problems (BIOS bug?)
  • Memory slots not staggered
ABIT has done a good job on the AT8. The board offers all the features you would need without driving cost up too high. The SilentOTES works great and makes using this board a noise-less experience.
While overclocking works fine, there were a few issues that made testing hard. I'm sure that ABIT gets these fixed in no time but I would have expected a bit better from a company who has a reputation of making top-notch overclocker's boards.
Performance is good across the board, although I noticed that memory intense benchmarks are a tiny tick slower than the direct competition from Sapphire. This might be related to the memory issues mentioned before.
If you tried purchasing the Crossfire board from Sapphire you probably ran into major problems finding one, if you could find a retailer who carries it. ABIT is clearly superior here. Their established network of retailers should make it easy to find this board in shops.
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