Aeneon X-Tune DDR3 1333 MHz CL8 2GB Kit 22

Aeneon X-Tune DDR3 1333 MHz CL8 2GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the X-Tune DDR3 1333 MHz Kit, the first thing you may notice is the blue PCB. While most other manufacturers tend to go for 3rd party PCB, Aeneon (formerly known as Infineon, now part of Qimonda) uses their own design. The company also manufactures their own DDR3 ICs instead of using other manufacturers like Micron or Elixir. The X-Tune and Aeneon logos are clearly visible on the clean black heatspreader. These lack any type of clips or other fancy additions.

Each side of the memory looks identical, but Aeneon has chosen to omit the X-Tunes logo on one side as the space is taken up by a white sticker.

Both the X-Tunes and Aeneon logo seem to be part of the heatspreader design instead of simply being glued onto the surface. They have a shimmering effect and make the heatspreaders look quite unique and add to the overall quality.

The spreaders are held together by thermal tape and hooked together up top. Using this method eliminates the need for any clips to hold them in place. A very nice and clean method. The flat surface on top of the memory also makes it easy to insert them into the mainboard slots.

On the sticker you will find an AE logo as well as the speed and CL. Instead of explicitly noting the MHz speed, you will find the bandwidth instead: PC3-10600U-8. This is odd, as 1333 MHz, which other manufacturers interpret as being PC3-10667U. Aeneon has the following explanation:
It is our understanding, being parts of JEDEC, that Module MHZ bandwidth units happen in full 100 steps and therefore we round down to PC3-10600 for a DDR3 1333. This is not a mistake but by design by us.

The PCB has two different printings. These do not hold any valuable information for the end user as it seems.
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