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Aerocool GT-SG 700 W Review

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The large package features a nice design with vivid colors. The two red strips on the front are catchy and the same applies to the "GT" logo, of course. Below the "GT" is the capacity description of the unit and a little below that is a shiny 80 Plus Gold logo. Next to it is an illustration of a speedometer with the needle at the "throw to prison" zone.

This side has a written and illustrative description of all available connectors, which will be useful to those that want to know the types and number of connectors this unit is equipped with. The only downside is that there is no mention of cable length.

Aerocool provides some close-up photos of the unit on one of two sides. The other side has a large list of the PSU's features. Also, a red badge pointing out the warranty period, which unfortunately is only three years, resides near the right top corner of the latter side. The warranty of a unit with such a high MSRP should be five or more years long.

This side has a brief multilingual features description.

The rear side has a couple interesting shots of the PSU - namely, three fancy photos of the PSU along with a paragraph explaining, among others, why they decided to dub the whole series "Gran Turismo". Finally, the top right corner has the power specifications table according to which we will program the Chroma loads through our special custom-made software.


The PSU is very well protected by packing foam and bubble wrap. Aerocool provided the best possible protection to ensure that the PSU will reach you in pristine condition. A smaller carton box holds all modular cables, but we would highly prefer a pouch instead.

Along with the modular cables, you will get two Velcro straps, a set of fixing bolts, and an AC power cord. Someone apparently forgot to include a user manual with our sample, but we are pretty sure that this won't be the case for retail units.


The unit's strong point is definitely its look. Its white paint-job, the similarly colored fan, and the black frame create a really nice look that will appeal to most users. Things would even be better if the unit were fully modular.

At the front, we find a large on/off switch and the classic honeycomb-style vent. The modular panel at the rear houses six sockets: two of them (the red ones) are for the PCIe cables and the others are for the peripheral and SATA cables. The specifications label is installed on the bottom side of the unit and is, thankfully, fairly small, so it won't trouble you much aesthetically if you install the unit with the fan facing down.

The badge at the center of the fan grill looks like a gas tap and has the "GT" logo on it - a nice detail that some users will appreciate.
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