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Aerocool GT-S Black Edition Review

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Aerocool ships the GT-S Black Edition chassis in a fully colored cardboard box with a black backdrop. There are three different images of the chassis on the front, while the rear holds some promotional text and another close-up shot of the case with its wheels on, hinting at the design idea behind the enclosure. Both sides have a lot of extra information in form of specifications and features in multiple languages. Holes for easy transportation are also present on these parts of the box.

Two thick and solid Styrofoam spacers hold the GT-S Black Edition in place and protect it from damage during shipping, while a clear plastic bag is used to keep scratches and fingerprints away.


You will receive a good set of extras with the chassis. The bundle consists of all the parts required to utilize one of the 5.25" bays for a 3.5" device, some cable ties, a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter, and all the screws you could need. Aerocool also includes a front cover using magnets to stay in place, giving you the choice of either using it or not. A manual rounds up the extras within the Aerocool GT-S Black Edition.
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