Airlive AirVideo-2000 WiFi Projector Server Review 1

Airlive AirVideo-2000 WiFi Projector Server Review

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A Closer Look

Airlive has constructed the Airvideo-2000 absolutely rock solid. Both ends are covered in hard plastic, while the body is made of metal. The top features the Airlive logo, while the underside has a sticker, which holds all the usual information. This is where you find the model, serial number and various other more or less useful information.

The front of the Airlive has a thin plastic film on it to protect it from light scratches. It was peeled off before taking the above picture. Besides the Airlive logo and model name on the left side there are three LEDs on the right. These are labeled LAN, WLAN and Power. The rear has a white power button next to the AC connector. The center is taken by the usual VGA connector. A small round sticker next to it reads "QA Pass". Continuing toward the right edge there is an Audio connector and a LAN port. The wireless RMA connector for the wireless antenna is the furthest to the right.

The Antenna is simply screwed into the back. This is all you need to do with the contents within the package before connecting it to the AC power adapter. All the other cables should already be available in your setup.
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