Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters 9

Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters Review

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Upon inserting the CD, the above menu is shown. It holds the user manuals in combination with the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer and the Utility to access the pair of HP-3000Es.

Installation procedure:

Installing the software is straight forward and there is no reboot required.

HP-3000E Device Manager

The HP-3000E Device Manager is quite simple and very easy to use. It is made up of a single window with four tabs. Under "Network" you will find the current status of the network which has been built with the devices. The second tab is called "Encryption" and does just that. Here you may activate encryption, to keep your data safe from other people using the same type of networking products.

To update the firmware of the devices, there is the "Upgrade" tab. The procedure seems to be very similar to that of a router, but instead of a web interface, the software is used to achive this task. The last tab does not hold a lot of information. It is called "About" and has a few lines of text with the release date of the software application.
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