Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters 9

Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters

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We will be comparing the pair of AirLive HP-3000Es with the following, traditional wired and wireless connectivity options: 100 MBit/s and a wireless "G" network of 54 MBit/s. This should give you a good idea as to the overall performance of the device. To rate the speed, we simply pushed a 500 MB folder with various files between 1 and 50 MB through the network and checked the time needed for a complete transfer.

At first the pair of devices was tested on different circuits. The results were nothing close to the 200 MBit/s advertised, but attaining those speeds is impossible in real world scenarios. You will never be able to reach the full bandwith of any network. The attained speeds do, however, deviate very much from the advertised, theoretical maximum. Just as is the case with any wireless network, bringing the two devices closer together also raised the performance, managing over 30 MBit/s. This is a very respectable speed and is certainly faster than any 54 MBit wireless system. These results mean one thing: the Airlive HP-3000E performs better than wireless in close proximity to each other and thus makes it a great alternative. Even when the devices are on different circuits, which usually means two different rooms, the HP-3000Es perform almost as good as a Wireless "G" network with perfect reception - something you will only attain when sitting within a few meters of the wireless router or access point.
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