Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters 9

Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The pair of AirLive HP-3000E retails for around 95€
  • Very easy setup
  • Software incredibly simple but effective
  • Includes security features to isolate network
  • Better performance than 54 Mbit wireless
  • Uses existing power lines
  • Great alternative to Wifi
  • Can go past breakers
  • Everything included to get started - including two Ethernet cables
  • Well constructed
  • Bulky, may get in the way of neighboring power plugs
  • More expensive than a wireless router
  • Can only connect two PCs without buying extra switches, routers
  • Wireless N standard should be faster than this
  • Performance degrades with range, just like wireless
  • Blue LEDs are a bit too bright
The AirLive HP-3000E Ethernet over Powerline Adapters are a great way to expand your network to areas previously only reachable with Wifi. By using the power lines you are able to use the existing cabling and get speeds which are better than that of most commonly used wireless variants out there. While you will never reach the advertised 200 Mbit/s speeds, this can be overlooked, as no network is capable of reaching the full speed in a real world setting. The biggest downside of the HP-3000E is the retail price. Such units usually sell in pairs and tend to be quite expensive when compared to readily available wireless systems. With the price comes limited functionality unless you are willing to spend even more for additional switches or routers. The best implementation of this system is to connect a single device (or switch) to an existing network with the aim of a stable connection - perfect for that HTPC in your living room for example.
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