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I would like to thank OvisLink for supplying the review sample.

About AirLive and OvisLink

AirLive is a wireless series launched by OvisLink in 2001 with the "Living in a World without Boundaries, Building a Network without Wires" as the main motto. Their goal and direction for the series is best described on the AirLive about page:
AirLink website
AirLive has since brought the freedom of wireless communication to millions of users. Connecting people's lives together across the globe. Therefore, OvisLink Corp. implement the AirLive trademark and the "simple yet powerful networking" philosophy across its entire product lines. Be sure to look for the AirLive trademark for genuine and quality products by OvisLink Corp.
OvisLink was established in 1993 in Taiwan, as a network solutions provider. They now offer over 200 unique and useful networking products for both small businesses and home use. OvisLink Corp. was the first company in Taiwan to introduce Fast-Ethernet NICs and Switches when IEEE 802.3u standard was established in 1996. Moreover, OvisLink Corp. entered the WLAN market in 2001 with the AirLive series and became the major provider of wireless solutions

Today we take a look at the AirLive WL-5400CAM, which is a WLAN Internet IP Camera.


ModelAirLive WL-5400CAM 802.11g Wireless Internet IP camera
Wireless802.11b/g, 20dBm & WPA and WEP support
Upload configurationFTP Server. Time Schedule & Manual Operation
Camera Specification
  • Sensor resolution 640 x 480 pixel
  • Sensor Color CMOS Sensor
  • Automatic Gain control (AGC) Yes
  • Automatic Exposure (AE) Yes
  • Automatic White Balance Yes
  • Signal/Noise ratio 57dB
  • Lens f:6.0 mm, F: 1.8
Image (Video Setting)
  • JPEG still image compression
  • Image frame rate
  • 32fps@QVGA, 25fps@CIF,10fps@VGA
  • Compression Rate selection
  • 5 levels, very low, low, middle, high, very high
  • Frame rate setting
  • 1, 5, 7, 15, 20, auto (depend on the video format)
  • Video resolution
  • 160x120@30fps, 320 x 240@25fps, 640 x 480@10fps
  • Brightness control Yes
  • Contrast control Yes
  • Saturation Yes
CommunicationRJ45, 10/100M auto-sensed, Built-in 802.11b wireless LAN module, HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, BOOTP, RARP, DHCP, PPPoE, SMTP
SystemPU RDC RDC2880. RAM 8MB Byte, Flash ROM 2MB Byte & OS RTOS
  • DC 5V, switching type power supply
  • Power consumption
  • 6.5Watt (1300mA x 5V), Maximum
File Transfer InterfaceUSB 2.0 Host, Ethernet Port, Turbo-G WLAN
LED IndicatorsPower LED Blue color, Activity LED Orange color
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