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AirLive WL-5400CAM WLAN IP Camera Review

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The wireless camera by Ovislink is called WL-5400CAM. It comes packaged in a blue and white card board box, which looks very much like the WMU-6500FS. This means you should have no problem finding AirLive products on a filled shelf. While the front only has a picture and a quick rundown of the features, the back goes into more detail - in nine different languages.

Unlike the WMU-6500FS, the camera utilizes a white inner box to protect the device and the additional contents. All of these are neatly packed inside a cardboard tray.


You will find a quick start guide, an application CD, a very compact power supply and the usual two dbi wireless antenna in a plastic bag. A white box holds the mounting hardware, made of solid steel. This should be perfect for mounting the device for surveillance purposes.
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