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AirLive WMU-6500FS WiFi HDD & Downloader Review

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The AirLive Turbo-G Wireless HD + Downloader ships in a sturdy white and blue box. OvisLink has kept this theme for all AirLive products, so you will know what to look for on a crowded shelf. The front shows the enclosure, while the back actually lists all the features in nine different languages. The translation seems accurate, as the are no errors in the German listing. Opening the package reveals a cardboard tray, which is quite robust as well. All the contents are neatly arranged inside the package.


You will find a CD and Manual, as well as normal screws to mount the hard drive inside a clear plastic bag. The manual is actually just a quick install guide, to aid you with the setup of the device within your network, but does not cover any configurations for the web interface. That is part of the user guide found on the CD. A standard 2 dbi antenna is also included. This is the same type you will find on most wireless routers. It utilizes a reverse polarity SMA connector. This means that you can purchase a larger, stronger antenna and connect it to the WMU-6500FS if needed. A plastic stand in the same color as the front and back of the enclosure itself, rounds up the contents.

The required power is supplied in the form of a traditional power brick. As you can see we received a sample with a US plug at the end, but this does not pose a problem, as it is the same type of cord and connector is used on every computer and most monitors. The brick is rated for a whooping 4A and 48W on the 12V rail. This is much more than normal hard drive enclosures. For comparison, a modern Macbook notebook utilizes up to 65W of power, while a Macbook Pro requires 85W. Keeping the device on 24/7 will increase your electricity bill. It should on the other hand reduce your costs if you were using your main rig for downloading all day and/or night before switching to the AirLive device.
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