Akasa Omega 2

Akasa Omega

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Having the same roots as the Mirage-62, Akasa has chosen to continue the slogan "The coolest case ever". It now reads "The coolest case ever got cooler". While owners of the previous case may know what Akasa is talking about, those new to the series of enclosures may be wondering what they are referring to. The front has an image of the Omega case, while the rear goes into greater detail about the features and new additions of the chassis. The sides have a few additional images and also list the specifications in multiple languages.

Akasa has chosen to protect the Omega with fairly compact foam spacers and a heavy duty plastic bag.


You will find two boxes inside the package. One holds a standard mainboard backplate, a bag of silver screws and two additional bags of black ones. A little pamphlet is also part of this box. In the other one, you will find four wheels for the Omega.
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