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Akasa Power Max 1000W Review

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The Power Max 1000W is painted in a matte black which is fairly scratch and fingerprint resistant. Also you should note that the size is just normal ATX, exactly 16 cm.

An LED on the back indicates is power is connected and the switch is on (Red) or if the unit is running (Green).

A modularity feature is not available here. Especially with the really long cables of the Akasa Power Max 1000W this would be very handy because you could just install the cables you need to keep your case inside clean.

A single 135mm fan keeps the PSU cool.

The akasa logo is protected by a thin plastic film which can be peeled off.

The motherboard connector can be used as both 20 pin or 24 pin connector. It can not be clipped to the 20 pin part, so you have to press the plugs together when inserting them in the socket.

The 8-Pin power connector can be split for motherboards which use only four pins for their CPU power supply. You can clip the connectors together easily, they will then hold firmly without any pressure.

The PCI-E power cables have two connectors each, one 6+2 pin one and one with 6 pins. This seems to be an excellent solution because you can remove the 2 extra pins in case they are in the way on your video card.
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