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Keeping up with its name, the Akasa Venom box uses some a "toxic" color-scheme of black and pale yellow, the Venom logo is done well, with a poisonous snake (probably King Cobra, since the catchphrase below reads "King of cooling"). The window on the front lets you see one of Venom's most catchy-looking part, the fan impeller, which again uses the yellow-thru-lime toxic color shade. Key features, a few award badges, and interestingly, the heat pipe count is stressed.

The back of the box lists out features and specification in detail, in four major European languages. The left side shows the advantages of the "s-flow" design of the fan blades, it also lists out features and specifications in English. The right side provides details about the easy-select clip, the fan, the CPU base with direct-touch heat pipes, the fins, and the vibration-dampening rubber bolts that hold the fan.

Upon opening the box, there are two trays locked into each other, one holding the heatsink, the other holding the fan. In the trays' cavities, the instruction manual and an accessories box can be found. It’s definitely a nice touch to have all the accessories packed away into that small box.

The accessories box contains:
  • A sachet containing all the screws, nuts and bolts you’ll need
  • Separate retention plates for Intel and AMD sockets
  • Eight rubber bolts to latch the fan(s) onto the heatsink
  • A sachet containing thermal paste
The instruction leaflet is visually well-detailed, and carries instructions in multiple languages.
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