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Akasa Venom Power 850 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Akasa Venom Power 850 W has an MSRP of $159 for the States and 119€ for the EU
  • Delivered 110% of its max rated load at 45°C
  • Good enough voltage regulation at +12V
  • Excellent ripple suppression
  • Efficient (although not as much as other Gold PSUs)
  • Quiet fan (at normal operation)
  • Few native cables
  • Could have two more PCIe connectors
  • Loose voltage regulation at 3.3V
  • 5VSB dropped below limit during the full-load test
  • Short warranty period
  • The single rail statement isn't true. Actually, the unit has four +12V rails.
Akasa left the budget/mainstream category and entered the high-end market with their new Gold efficiency Venom PSU. Overall, the Venom 850 W performed well, although there are some areas that need improvements.
The first is efficiency, which is lower than the other high-end Gold units I have tested in the past, and the second is voltage regulation with 3.3V and 5VSB. Especially the 5VSB rail showed a clear weakness during the full-load test. Regardless, the problems I spotted did not spoil my overall positive impression since ripple suppression is excellent on all rails, the +12V rail registered fairly tight voltage regulation, the PSU managed to deliver 10% more than its maximum power at 45°C ambient, and most of its cables are modular.
One thing I couldn't understand though is Akasa's decision to advertise it as a single rail unit, while, in fact, it has four +12V rails with a high OCP trigger point (40 A). I am aware that most users think that single rail PSUs allow higher overclocks, but that is just a myth. If the OCP triggering point is at the right level, a multi-rail PSU is actually safer than a single rail one.

To wind up, the new Venom 850 W is a good and reliable unit that will meet some serious competition if it hits the stores with the price-tag Akasa gave us. However, if it retails for around 130 bucks, it will be a very good choice for someone that doesn't want to spend more for a 850 W Gold unit based on a cutting-edge platform.
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