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Akasa Venom Power 850 W Review

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The PSU comes in a small, sturdy package. On the front, we find a list of the PSU's most interesting features, a capacity and series description, and the 80 Plus Gold badge.

On the sides is a multilingual features description along with a list describing the contents of the box. We find four badges, with the most interesting one referring to the 135 mm fan, on top.

The rear side does, as usual, hold lots of information about the product. In this case, we find three tables illustrating the unit's specifications, the output capabilities of its rails, and its available connectors. There are also two schemes with the first describing the available native and modular cables and the second showing the fan frame-design, which, according to Akasa, enhances airflow.


The PSU is effectively protected by two pieces of packing foam that fully surround it. Unfortunately, the modular cables are not stored in a pouch, but are just thrown into the box, something that doesn't look so nice with a PSU that costs nearly 160 bucks. Also, the bundle is really poor since it only includes the AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts - the latter of which was missing from our sample. No Velcro straps or zip ties are included, and we wonder why since the cost of zip ties is minimal.


The Venom PSU features an interesting look, and the yellow-colored fan surely plays a major role here since it matches the dark casing really well. The finish is quite good and pretty glossy, which makes it attract finger prints easily. On the front, we come across the usual honeycomb-style vent and an on/off switch right next to the AC socket.

On one of the two sides is the nice Venom logo, which, however, is hard to make out, and we had to utilize our photoshop skills in order to highlight it. The native cables and the modular panel reside at the rear. Although there are only three native cables, Akasa did right and equipped the cable exit-hole with a protective grommet. Finally, the specifications label is located on the bottom side.
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