Akasa integral ESATA 2

Akasa integral ESATA Review

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Packaging & Contents

The cardboard cover box is just like all the other Akasa products, with the large logo on the right top corner. The front is white and features the model and a picture of the enclosure, while the back lists all the features in a variety of languages. The layout is very familiar and serves its purpose well. Returning buyers will always know what to look for.

As always, there is a white box with the integral logo inside the cover box. Inside you will find the neatly tucked away enclosure and all the required extras.

Akasa has included all needed cables. There is an ESATA cable, an USB 2.0 cable, a SATA power adapter, screws and the mandatory power cord. The power brick is nothing out of the ordinary. It is just as big as most used for these enclosures. The power brick is rated at 2A and is needed because USB 2.0 maxes out at 500mA or 0.5A.

There is also a CD, which includes a digital version of the manual and a see-through, plastic stand. The manual contains quite a few different languages and comes fully illustrated. So you should not have any problems with installation and setup of the enclosure.
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