Akasa integral fusion 0

Akasa integral fusion

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Packaging & Contents

The packaging of the integral fusion has the same layout as all the other Akasa external enclosures. The front shows the enclosure, with a catch phrase as well as a sticker denoting the color inside the packaging. The back lists all the features in detail in multiple languages.

As usual, inside the colorful box, you will find a sturdy white cardboard box. It has specific compartments for all the different items included. The packaging is quite strong and should survive the shipping from your favorite etailer to you.

Besides the enclosure, Akasa has included a color manual in multiple languages as well as an 8 cm CD containing the backup software. An USB cable, plastic stand and power supply is also included. I was rather surprised to see such a small power supply for an external enclosure. It is rated for 2A/24W output. Other enclosures (including the Akasa Integral LAN enclosure we tested here) use an external power brick.
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