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Amazing Tech Products first ever ear buds are called PureBuds and feature an interesting mix of new and old technologies. The PureBuds are as the name suggests a new kind of ear buds which feature a backfiring driver setup which should make the sound stage more expansive and help you enjoy your music better at a safer listening level.

The design is unconventional because you have the driver flipped and actually emitting sound away from the ear, whereas most normal ear buds just channel the sound directly to your ear drums. The sound is actually bounced around the driver before it enters the ear canal.

Because you have the driver pointing away from the ear you should get the sensation of the sound coming from all directions helping to space out different instruments and voices. This could result in you lowering your preferred listening level. Responsible listening is one of the key issues with all things audio so any attempt to persuade people to turn down the volume is more than welcome.

The fact that Amazing Tech Products are taking a stand and trying to change people’s habits is a good thing. More and more people are suffering from tinnitus nowadays because of prolonged exposure to loud noises, and some of the sources are definitely iPods and other portable media players.

The Package

The PureBuds are shipped in an iPod white box with their logo on the plastic wrapping. The ear buds lay safely inside a small and practical carrying pouch. They are definitely packed to survive the harsh handling of postal services around the world.

Practical is probably the best way to describe the small pouch the PureBuds ship with. It definitely helps to protect your ear buds when you are not using them. It is exactly the right size, perfect for when you are not using them on the move. The pouch has two compartments separated by some fish net. It is very easy to just roll up the cable and throw the PureBuds in the case, instead of those annoying plastic cases where you have to be careful how you roll up to cable to make room for the ear buds.

Besides the ear buds and the tips you get a pouch and a manual. The different kinds of tips accentuate different areas of the sound spectrum. There is a tip that boosts the bass, one that is neutral or close to, and one that enhances the sound stage.
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