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A Closer Look - Inside

To gain access to the interior, simply remove the thumbscrews holding the panels in place. The interior of the GX700 is quite simple but adequate. Antec makes use of plastic locks, which is a bit of an eye sore, as they do not really work well. Turning the chassis around, there is a large opening in the motherboard tray to access the underside of the socket area. Several smaller holes also allow you to route cables through. There are unfortunately no rubber covers on the cable routing holes, making a really clean look within the chassis a bit tougher. Things are a bit tight behind most of the motherboard tray as there are only around 15 mm, but a trench to the left of the motherboard gives you a total of 25 mm, so I suggest using that for most of the cable mess instead.

As mentioned before, Antec utilizes plastic locks in the GX700. I would have liked to see thumbscrews instead as it would go well with the chassis design and will certainly hold things in place better. The lower half of the front is taken up by a simple but effective HDD cage. It holds a total of five plastic trays for 2.5/3.5" hard drives, with a lot of space in-between each of these. I think one could have added one or two more by keeping things incredibly compact, but that would have obstructed air flow a bit. Five bays should really be more than enough for the target audience of the GX700.

Turning to the rear of the interior, there is a simple, black fan blowing hot air out of the chassis. Below it are the seven expansion slots for the motherboard. These are unfortunately of the break-out variety, which means one cannot re-use them. Antec should have included at least one or two spare covers for good measure, as many may take this chassis along for future upgrades. The very bottom has the simple but effective PSU bay. Four little bumps on the floor act as support, but do not come lined with any foam or rubber. This should not be an issue, but would have been a nice touch nonetheless.

All the cables are either black or black and gray, which goes perfectly with the military theme. All of them feature standard plugs, so you should be able to connect them all without issue. The fan controller is powered by Molex connectivity and feeds up to four cooling units via 3-pin connectors.
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