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Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520 520W Review

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The packaging is similar to the HCG-620 we previously reviewed. Actually only the capacity description on the front is changed from "620W" to "520W". On the other sides, as usual, we find much more detailed information like power specifications, dimensions, fan noise levels, connector description etc.


Similar to other Antec products a cardboard box and a nylon bag protect the PSU inside the packaging. The bundle includes only the necessary parts: a set of screws for chassis mounting, an AC power cord, a cable tie and a user's manual.


The HCG-520 features a nice semi-matte finish. Its dimensions are not so compact, taking into account the relatively low capacity and all cables are hardwired and are fully sleeved back into the housing. The cable exit hole has a grommet to protect the cables from the edges. The bright red logos look fancy and the small engraved Antec logos on the sides are a nice detail.
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