Antec High Current Gamer Modular 750 W 0

Antec High Current Gamer Modular 750 W Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The Antec HCG-750M retails for $129.99.
  • Delivered its full power flawlessly at 45°C
  • Excellent ripple suppression
  • Good voltage regulation
  • High enough efficiency at normal loads
  • Good performance in transient response tests
  • Very high construction quality
  • Japanese caps used all over
  • Haswell ready
  • Only two native cables
  • LED fan
  • Stiff price
  • Single EPS connector
  • Low efficiency at low loads (<100 W)
  • Noisy fan at high speed
  • Hold-up time lower than the limit
Antec's new HCG-750M proved to be a good overall performer with nice voltage regulation, especially at +12V, excellent ripple suppression on all rails, and good efficiency at normal loads. It is also resilient to tough conditions like high operating temperatures, a result of the good design and the quality components used; its build quality is high since Seasonic is the OEM on Antec's behalf. Modders will also appreciate the LED fan, and others of us will be thrilled by its on/off switch! I am obviously not a fan of lit PSUs but there are many people that like such stuff. The PSU only has the necessary connectors affixed to it and is Haswell ready, making it future proof. The HCG-750M's biggest drawback is probably its price. Even modular PSUs of Golden efficiency from respected manufacturers can be had at this price range; that the unit is made by Seasonic, an expensive OEM, may not help it against the fierce and more affordable competition. It should also be equipped with two EPS connectors instead of one, and I would like to see higher efficiency at lower loads, but the passive components used in the secondary limit the performance in this area.

Overall, the Antec and Seasonic combination offered a very good product that, however, is pretty expensive. A price reduction of around 20 bucks would make the HCG-750M much more competitive, providing a significant boost to its price/performance ratio. The PSU does, on the other hand, use high quality components, like Japanese caps that aren't affordable and thus play a key role in the high price. The bottom line is that a price closer to $100 would give the competition a headache because the HCG-750M is backed by Antec's support and is made by one of the best OEMs.