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Antec ISK-100 Review

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Antec ships the ISK-100 in a simple, brown cardboard box. A drawn image on the top shows you what the chassis looks like, while the table on the side lets you know simple things like quantity, weight and dimensions of the chassis. It would have been nice to have a slighty more informative package, especially as the ITX enclosures are generally not so clear cut in terms of compatibility as traditional ATX variants.

The case comes neatly packaged, held in place by two thick foam spacers. A little box has been placed next to it, which holds all the contents and extras of the chassis.


You will receive a detailed manual to get you started, a sturdy plastic stand along with a bag of cables and one with screws. Antec also includeds two strips of insulating tape so that you do not need to worry about shorting the hard drives on the metal frame. I only realized that there was a second strip after the review was complete - my sincere apologies.

The chassis also includes a converter within the case itself, but the power brick which supplies the juice is nothing out of the ordinary. It is neither too big or incredibly small. It can deliver up to 90W, which should be fine, even if you use the most powerful components possible.
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