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Antec MicroFusion Remote 350 Review

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Unlike the Antec website, the package of the MicroFusion Remove 350 is very light colored and features a partial image of the chassis in the front, while the rear goes into great detail about the feature set. Both side panels are well used and hold a slew of information to further generate interest for this chassis and to let the possible customer know what the chassis is capable of.

White foam spacers hold the entire case in place and make sure that the unit remains undamaged during shipping. These are actually fairly thick, so you can sleep peacefully, knowing that everything will be alright unless a forklift ends up running it over.


You will receive a pair of reusable zip ties, two bags of screws and some plastic clips. I have no idea what these are for and I could not find any mention of these in the manual. Fact is, I did not use them for this review and everything worked fine anyways. Multiple manuals and a driver CD for the Soundgraph based LCD screen are also part of the package.

Antec has added a power supply to the case, thus a power cable can also be found within the box, along with a small remote control to utilize with the Soundgraph iMon software.
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