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Antec has packaged the new Sonata III in a very compact, sturdy and white card board box. The front has a large illustration of the case and also states the fact that the case is silent. We will fill the case with high-end components to confirm that fact later. The back has a smaller image of the open case and lists its features in English, French and German.

The case itself is secured by foam spacers inside the package. These have the advantage of surviving a fall without breaking and generally last longer. Antec has opted to dimension these rather compact, but it is certainly enough to protect this case during shipping. I was sent this case with no additional protection and it arrived without a scratch. A cloth bag further protects the case from scratches. Once unpacked, the Sonata III can be inspected in all its glory. We got some exclusive shots of the case at CeBIT this year and the final product looks very much like it. The black, glossy paint looks great on this case.


Inside the package you will find a detailed instruction manual and a small brown box, hidden behind the hard drive bays. Inside this, you will find keys to lock the door and side, an Antec badge and a bag of screws. There are sufficient screws available for filling this case completely.
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