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Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. G Type Review

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The company previously called Aspire has changed its name to Apevia. Their new logo looks much like the original one:

This is the reason they have for changing their name:
Apevia Corporation is the new name for Aspire International Corporation which was established in March 1999. Due to lots of confusions between Aspire cases, Acer's Aspire Notebook systems and Aspire Credit Cards, we have decided to change our name to Apevia Corporation in June 2006. With the strategy of standing behind our customers to ensure their total satisfaction, Apevia has been working closely with its customers and focusing on providing innovative quality PC products and services to keep up with the fast changing market. Today, Apevia is one of industry leaders for PC chassis.
Apevia was kind enough to supply us with the X-Jupiter Jr. in the "G Type" which is the one with the window. There is also an "S Type" with a 250 mm fan in the side instead. Both kinds, are available in four colors:


  • Easy installation-tool free design
  • Large see-through side window panel
  • Great airflow: 1 x 120mm LED fan at side panel, 1 x 120mm at rear
  • Additional cooling:1 x 120mm fan at front(optional)
  • Top USB2.0, Firewire and HD audio ports
  • Front LCD temperature display
  • Front fan speed controller
  • 10 x drive bays and 7 expansion slots
  • Main Board: Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Baby AT
  • Easy removable side panel w/ thumb screws
  • Roomy w/ folded edges for safe easy assembly
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