Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. G Type 3

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. G Type

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Apevia packages the case in a white cardboard box, which does not really hold a lot of information. The main sides have an image of either case type and list the case features, while the side is used to let the user know what color and case variant can be found within the box. The X-Jupiter Jr. is held in place by two Styrofoam spacers and the case itself has been placed in a heavy duty plastic bag to further protect it during shipping.


Inside the case you will find a well written and illustrated manual as well as some rails used for hard drive installation. A small bag of screws has also been included. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Apevia has opted to use the same screw-less system found in many other cases. The only difference is the use of semi transparent blue plastic - a nice little touch.
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