Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. G Type 3

Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. G Type Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Apevia X-Jupiter starts at around 54€ or $69 US Dollars for the S-Type and 59€ or $74 US Dollars for the G-Type. This is a great price for an entry level case with a good feature set.
  • Well priced
  • Perfectly placed lighting accents
  • Temperature LCD in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Up to 5 fans can be connected and controlled
  • Available in multiple colors, with side window or large fan
  • Screw-less installation system
  • I/O including Firewire
  • Nice blue light - looks great
  • Door opens to the left, bad on a windowed case
  • I/O placed at the worst possible location
  • Completely OEM inside layout
  • No fan up front to cool hard drives
  • Up to 5 connected fans cannot be controlled individually
The Apevia X-Jupiter Jr. S-Type certainly looks interesting on the outside. The well designed front door, with the clean bends and straight lines, gives the case a sturdy look. Combined with a window with blue LED fan and a large, well lit, Apevia logo, some attention should be yours at the next LAN Party. The X-Jupiter Jr. is aimed at the budget gamer, so do not expect a lot of innovations within the case itself. Instead of designing a unique layout or screw-less system, Apevia has decided to take readily available options instead. This gives the user a few extra features and reduces cost. Another positive aspect of the case is the fact that it can hold large graphics cards and CPU coolers.
For its price this case certainly does not dissapoint, but it does not feature any great innovation either. If you are looking for a stylish case with a lot of bang for your buck the X-Jupiter Jr. is certainly a good choice.
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