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Apevia X-QPack 2 Review

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Apevia has not changed much in the design of the package. It also features a plastic handle, as the case is incredibly light. This makes transportation a breeze from the shop or post office. The front and rear of the package show the silver and blue model of the chassis. You need to take a close look at the sides to find all the necessary information. The specifications list a 500W PSU with 12 cm fan, but this X-QPack2 does not ship with one. This fact is mentioned in form of a single silver sticker on the box. The color is also revealed in form of such a sticker - so we got the red one it seems.

The case is secured with solid Styrofoam spacers on both ends. A heavy duty plastc further protects the X-QPack2 from scratches or the likes. Apevia did not stop there. All windows are covered with a thin plastic film and the front has a a similar protective cover.


You will not find a lot inside the case. There is a very well illustrated installation manual and a bag of screws with two small cable ties.
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