A+ Case Twin Engine / XCLIO A380 45

A+ Case Twin Engine / XCLIO A380 Review

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The packaging is colorful and shows the case and the model name on front and back. The side sports just some writing and mention of the two large fans. The case itself is protected by two foam inlays. The use of foam enables the manufacturer to use thinner inlays when compared to Styrofoam, which results in smaller packaging.


You also get rails in all needed shapes and sizes, thus installing the drives is completely screw-less. There is also a bag with the case speaker, standoff and screws for installation as well as a few zip ties to clean up the cable mess. There are even four fan screws supplied, so you can install that optional fan in the back right away. Overall a complete package.

The manual is simple, but includes pictures to help you if need be. I did not have any problems installing anything, as it all was quite straight forward.
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