Arctic Cooling Breeze Mobile Fan 10

Arctic Cooling Breeze Mobile Fan

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This unit does exactly what it is supposed to at a fair price. The Breeze provides an easy way to cool you down and it has been a real success at my desk in the almost 30 degrees celcius day here in Denmark. It also helped me realize the potential of USB ports in one's PC screen. With it positioned relatively close to one’s head the breeze is easily noticeable.

The Breeze is very anonymous, you can hardly hear it in use and it only provides a gentle breeze to cool you down. What we also like about the design is the flexible hold suspension system. It provides just enough hold to secure the fan in just about any odd position, which is great because you need to direct the airflow towards you in order to feel it.

The memory arm is a little tricky to adjust and it will most likely get loser over time. But for $9.95 it is about what you could expect.

Value and Conclusion

  • The Breeze Mobile retails for a staggering $9.95 online.
  • Moves a decent amount of air
  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Adjustable angle via memory-arm
  • Reasonable build quality
  • Not that solid
  • Quirky adjustment of memory-arm
To sum things up the Breeze Mobile is a great little device priced fairly. It is not like having a big desk fan in front of your face, but it does cool you down somewhat. The fact that it is portable and easy to find room for on your desk is very neat, especially when you like me have an overcrowded desk. It is by no means a revolutionary product is has all been done before, but this one actually work quite well.
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