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Arctic Cooling K381 Keyboard Review

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The keyboard ships in a pretty ordinary flat case. We would have shown the bundle if there were one, but like the BreezeMobile we recently reviewed there is none. You get the product as is without any customization or neat accessories.

Closer Examination

Following the trend set by Apple with their line of keyboards, Arctic Cooling's all new K381 features chiclet style keys. This means that the spacing between the keys are a little different compared to a normal keyboard. The feel of the keyboard is quite a bit different than a standard one, both because of the chiclet style but also because the face of the keys are flat. Personally I am not that fond of flat keys because it does not center your fingers when typing. This has a tendency to make you a slower typer.

A major error with this slim line keyboard is that it does not have adjustable elevation. The back of the keyboard is shaped so that it is raised some degrees, but to my fingers not nearly enough. We would have preferred it if the keyboard was raised a bit more so that your wrists could relax more while typing.

One of the things that is a major pro with this keyboard is that it wastes minimal desk space. Another thing worth noticing is that the edge is very close to the desk surface which means that the edge does not hit your fingers or wrists while typing.

Despite the keyboard's very basic layout it does have a multitude of function buttons that allow you to send your PC to sleep or adjust volume on the fly. Besides the single purpose function keys all the "F" keys can take on another role by a press of the "F"-key next to the F1 to F12 keys.
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