Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review 5

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review

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The Vernazza package is as big and heavy as almost all other chair packages we have received so far. Its dimensions are 86 x 69 x 35 cm (33.9 x 27.2 x 13.8"), and it weighs 28.5 kg (62 lb). It's mainly black with letters in white font. The package was damaged on both sides where the plastic straps go through to secure it.

At the top of the package is the inscription "KEEP YOURSELF IN THE GAME", and this is exactly what this chair was made to offer—a comfortable seating opportunity for endless hours of gaming fun!

On both sides of the package is a bit of information about the product in six different languages. Yet some of the data here appears to be incorrect, such as the backrest's maximum reclining angle, which is said to be 180 degrees even though it is less.

Arozzi shows us all available color options on the box.


The bundle includes the following:

• Chair's backrest
• Chair's base with its armrests (2x) pre-installed
• Chair's five-star base
• Tilt mechanism/height-adjustment mechanism
• Grade class 4 gas lift
• Hydraulic system-/dust-cover shroud
• Caster wheels (5x)
• Side covers (2x)
• Neck-support pillow (pre-installed)
• Lumbar-support pillow (pre-installed)
• An illustrated user's manuals (16 pages)
• A safety precautions sheet
• An important guide that covers all major steps
• Allen key (1x)
• Bolts with washers and springs
• A set of cotton gloves

The gas lift and its dust cover.

The provided instructions.

The provided gloves and Allen key.
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