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Art. Lebedev Mus2 Review

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The Mus2 is encased in a clear blister pack, showing off the mouse and the USB Dongle. You can also see the round mousepad in the back of the mouse. The batteries are included, but are not visible from the outside. The back simply states that the mouse is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, as well as the technical features of the Mus2.

A Closer Look

The mouse comes with a black, circular cloth mouse pad. It is a bit rougher then it should but is quite high quality. The USB dongle is very small and has the same color as the mouse, comes with a blue link button and a blue LED. The casing of the USB looks and feels quite flimsy. The button is used to establish a connection to the mouse. The blue LED lets the user know in which state the dongle is. A solid light means that the device is idle and ready, while a blinking LED means that the USB dongle is looking to establish a connection with the mouse.

Art. Lebedev has also included a pair of AAA batteries to go with the mouse. No mention has been made, as to how long a set lasts. The batteries are of some exotic brand, certainly something I have never heard of.

The manual is quite the refreshing read, as it is laid out like a comic strip. The woman in the bottom part of the second page looks quite freaky actually. The last page shows the response of the user - "Cool!".

The Mus2 looks very nice and the color and feel is comparable to that of the white MacBook. It is also prone to discoloration as is the Apple notebook. It also had a slight discoloration on the bottom. The bottom of the Mus2 also houses the battery compartment, a button to establish a connection and the optical sensor itself.
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