Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three 7

Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three

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The packaging of the Optimus Mini Three is a square, white card board box. While Art.Lebedev could have used a much smaller package, they kept the square theme, as all three buttons are in just that format. The top has the Art.Lebedev logo as well as the device name. Below that you will find an image of the Optimus Mini Three. The back of the box sports a sticker with the FCC and CE logo. Above that getDigital place a sticker of their own, as they are the official distributor for Germany and the surrounding countries.


There are two things inside the box: the keyboard itself and a little booklet.

The pamphlet includes a description and purpose of the device, storage and handling tips and service/warranty information. The storage and handling tips are quite a refreshing read:
Optimus mini three is a fragile electronic device. Don't let the keyboard drop, keep it save from jolts and punches. Avoid hitting the keyboard keys and body with a hammer; heating the keyboard in a microwave oven; washing it in a washing machine; hurling it against the wall; dropping it from a height; soaking it with any liquids.
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