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The case can take two 5.25 inch parts and one 3.5 inch part. The black round button is the power button, which makes it easy to reach for, considering the contrast to the silver. The case has three windows, which are covered with thin plastic on the in- and outside to protect it during shipment, or even during installation. I will not remove the plastic until the installation is completed. The back has room for the installed 12cm fan and the power supply. Below that is the slide out mainboard tray, which will come in handy during installation. Last, I have put one of my aluminum midi towers right next to the Aspire X-QPack, which is much wider, just a bit over half as high, and a bit shorter than the midi tower.

One thing I missed here, were punch outs for legacy connectors like COM ports. There is plenty of unused space on the back of the mainboard tray and making one or two punch outs for such devices may prove useful. I, for one, use a serial port for my remote control infrared receiver.
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