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Asustor AS-606T NAS Review

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The NAS comes in a plain cardboard box, which hides the product's high price pretty well, and the box also has a top carrying handle. The top of this side has a small sticker with a photograph of the NAS, a list describing the contents of the package, and a table giving the product's specifications. To be frank, we expected a fancier box for such an expensive product, but the contents are, on the other hand, what matters most, right?

The single, most noteworthy facet of this side is Asustor's "Made in Taiwan" statement. Contrary to most products that are made in a Chinese factory, this product boasts of having been produced in Taiwan, so we expect it to be of high quality.

Contents & Bundle

The contents of the box, and especially the NAS, are very well protected. The latter is surrounded by two thick layers of packing foam and is also wrapped in a thick nylon bag.

A smaller box stores all the accessories that come with the NAS: two Ethernet cables, an AC power cord, two bags with screws for the HDDs, and a software disc that includes the user's manual and a quick start guide on top of AS-606T's utility programs.
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