Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3 83

Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3

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The Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz C12 8 GB kit showed up on my doorstep in rather normal packaging, and since retail pricing was not out yet, I could only guess at its value. What I found was a rather basic plastic clamshell, but peering out from behind the plastic were the DIMMs themselves, and I could immediately tell that the DIMMs inside were out of the ordinary as their golden fingers had their own plastic covers. The information on the back was very basic and included Avexir's company contact information.

The plastic package was sealed across the top with a white "QC PASS" sticker I had to rip to get the DIMMs out. The label on the back of the box matched that on the DIMMs, and a white piece of paper containing instructions fell out of the card insert while I looked at it. That is all I found inside—the card backing for its plastic casing, the installation guide, and both DIMMs. I was secretly hoping for a fancy case badge, but given the feel of the DIMMs, including the protective plastic cover on one side of each heatsink, it was just a fleeting thought.
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