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BitFenix Aurora Review

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A Closer Look - Outside

Taking a first look at the Aurora, it won't turn any heads when it comes to the design. Its simple looks are dominated by straight lines, sharp edges, and gentle curves.

The front is made out of plastic and metal mesh. Inward-facing curves make the BitFenix Aurora look quite slim, and the only element of interest here is the silver BitFenix badge. Considering BitFenix is going for an understated look, maybe a smaller or black variant would have been a bit more elegant. Looking at the rear, it becomes apparent that the interior has quite the standard layout.

You may pry the front off the chassis to reveal mounting options for two 120 or 140 mm fans. As the frame's tooling is intended for external drive bays in the top, which the Aurora does not offer, BitFenix has placed a metal plate here while utilizing the space within for more appropriate things.

Taking a closer look at the rear, the bottom PSU bay comes with the usual four mounting holes for you to install any power supply the way you like. Above that are the seven expansion slots, each protected by individual and reusable metal mesh covers. In the very top is a single 120 mm exhaust fan set to expel hot air out of the chassis through the rear. This is the only cooling unit within the Aurora right out of the box.

Both sides of the BitFenix Aurora are made out of glass. The one behind the motherboard tray is actually much darker to hide any cable mess in this area, which is quite the nice and important touch.

In the top, the curved design elements are also present, but in a slightly different, flattened manner. Underneath this, you will find additional mounting positions for two 120 mm fans or a 240 mm radiator. However, BitFenix has also included a bracket to allow for a reservoir to be mounted here. You will even find a complete I/O set consisting of two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and the usual audio plugs here. On top of that are three buttons for power, reset, and RGB color adjustments. On the underside is a high-quality, removable and washable dust filter to protect the PSU from any dirt, but you will be forced to tip the chassis on its side to get to it.
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