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BitFenix Formula Gold 750 W Review

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The Cybenetics logos are glued onto the plastic wrap surrounding the box. This means that they were obtained in a rush, at the very last moment. Given it is difficult for a manufacturer to gauge how much noise output (and efficiency) a forthcoming PSU will produce, the natural process is to first evaluate a PSU to then provide the certification and its corresponding badge, which can delay the box's graphics design, so stickers have to be used, at least for the first few batches.

Things are much easier with the 80 PLUS certification, where OEMs build a PSU with a specific 80 PLUS level in mind and just send the sample in for testing in order to get the official certification. Now, we do not know what happens if such a sample fails to meet a manufacturer's original efficiency target. When a platform has already been certified by 80 PLUS, though, all of its derivatives can be certified without retesting, even if there are some major component changes. This means that a brand doesn't need to send any samples to 80 PLUS if it uses a platform its OEM has already had certified; instead, a small fee is paid in order to be able to use the corresponding 80 PLUS badge. The aforementioned procedure is incredibly wrong in our opinion since our experience has shown that even the slightest of changes to the componentry can affect a PSU's efficiency.

A sticker on one of the box's sides provides the part and model numbers. On another side of the box are only the model number and two icons for the 80 PLUS Gold certification and five-year warranty.

You will find a features description in four different languages on this side.

Around the back is a scheme showing all available cables/connectors along with their cable lengths, a power specifications table, the fan-noise chart, and a scheme depicting the PSU's dimensions.


Instead of packing foam, BitFenix uses two cardboard pieces to protect the PSU. Packing foam is our favorite since it offers the highest-possible protection, with the method BitFenix uses here coming in second; however, cardboard is still definitely superior to plain bubble wrap.

The bundle includes several zip ties, a set of fixing bolts, the AC power cord, and the user manual, which is the same across all Formula units.


There is nothing extraordinary to this PSU's external design, which isn't surprising given its budget-centric orientation. The small power switch at the front is right next to the AC receptacle.

On the sides, the black and white stickers look appealing enough, at least to us; however, some of you would probably prefer colored stickers. The large power specifications label has been put on the PSU's underside.

There is a grommet around the PSU's cable-exit hole.

Very small dimensions in general; however, the non-modular cables look weird nowadays.


The ATX cable is equipped with extra ripple-filtering caps, and is, as such, round. The other cables are flat, which helps with cable management. Flat cables also block the airflow inside a chassis less than normal ones; that is, if they are properly installed.
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