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BitFenix Flo Headset Review

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The Package

The box is big and flashy, and it protects the headset rather well.

The bundle is quite nice. You get an audio-only cable for on-the-go use and a 2-meter-long extension cable which you can leave permanently attached to your PC. Since everything is detachable, this headset can also double up as a regular pair of headphones for on-the-go use.

The cables and microphone are connected to the left ear cup via two mini-jacks.

Closer Examination

The Flo is pretty well off design-wise. The black version is definitely the most neutral-looking color option by BitFenix. It also has a soft-touch surface, which matches the matte finish of BitFinix cases.

The Flow is available in a lot of different colors. The one we got was black, with bright, chromed accents that look pretty nice. The surface is textured, so there are no shiny plastic parts on this headset. It even looks pretty stealthy in black.

Its suspended headband design is somewhat similar to what Audio-Technica uses on a lot of their models; however, the quality of materials used has been dialed down a bit. The headband's portion touching your head is made out of soft plastic, and those rectangles - extra padding - are simple air pockets; with that said, they actually work better than they look.

The joints lack that essential degree of freedom since they do not allow the ear cups to rotate freely, which would improve comfort by allowing them to align more easily with your skull, although the pads can also compensate for a small angular offset.

The microphone is detachable and quite sturdy. Its boom is out of rubber and includes several memory wires internally, which works rather well. The on-cable remote works alright as it also has an on/off switch for the microphone, which is handy.
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