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Taking a look at the chassis, it does come across a bit bigger than other Mini-ITX variants out there. This is mostly due to the fact that BitFenix has added the feet and grips to the case and wanted to ensure proper compatibility with high-end hardware within the chassis. Both the feet and the grips are made of a material BitFenix has dubbed "FyberFlex". It is both sturdy but also extremely flexible, so that you could push down on these all the way without breaking it. This also means that the Prodigy wobbles slightly when you poke it.

We received the white one for review, which has a slightly different design than the black version. Instead of a mesh front, this variant comes with an all white plastic cover. This may impede air flow a bit more, but does look better IMHO. In the rear we can see definitive full tower elements like the PSU bay on the bottom of the chassis. At this point it should become apparent, that the case frame and thus the interior as well, is colored to match the outside. BitFenix is also planning colored versions of the chassis.

The left side of the Prodigy comes with a large vent, to give way to fresh air for high-end GPUs, while the other side is completely solid. On this right side, you will also find the I/O of the chassis, consisting of two USB 3.0 and the usual pair of audio plugs. Both the HDD activity and Power LEDs have been placed here as well.

On the white Prodigy, a black BitFenix logo has been placed in the bottom half of the front, while the black chassis variant comes with a silver one. Above that is the single 5.25 inch drive bay so that you may install a traditional optical drive, instead of a slimline one for example.

Turning the Prodigy around, the bottom PSU bay comes with an external frame, as you have to install the power supply by sliding it in from the back of the case. Above that is the motherboard area, with two expansion slots. Since the board is placed within the case horizontally, there is plenty of space for large CPU coolers. Thanks to the space, a 120 mm exhaust fan easily fits above the board. As with all recent BitFenix cases, the Prodigy comes equipped with retail Spectre fans.

You will find a metal mesh part in black on top of the case. This does not only give the white Prodigy some much needed contrast, but may be removed to reveal an opening for two 120 mm fans. Thanks to the removable 5.25 inch drive bay, you may even install a 240 mm radiator here, for ultimate cooling - a first in a Mini-ITX chassis.

Before we dive into the interior, a quick peek at the underside reveals a dust filter, which is easily removable. I would have liked to see some flat rubber feet on the bottom FyberFlex parts, protecting both the chassis and surface from scratches.
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