Bitspower Summit EF-X CPU Waterblock 16

Bitspower Summit EF-X CPU Waterblock Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Bitspower has adopted a two-piece product packaging with an outer sleeve and an inner box, both of which use their predominantly black color scheme with green accents for more details. The product name itself is on the side and has since been updated many times to what should be its final name, the Summit EF-X. On the back, we see the CPU block's socket compatibility illustrated, and we need to remove two stickers to get the inner box out.

The inner box has more of the same going on with the Bitspower logo on the front and sides and the contents inside. Open it and you see yet another box, this one containing the accessories as well as the instruction manual. The latter is just two pages of some diagrams to aid in installation and does not do a very good job. I can easily see a newcomer getting confused by this and urge Bitspower to spend some time on getting a more detailed manual developed. The confused branding comes across here too, with the product name as Summit GT X. This will be the last time I mention all three names as Summit EF-X is the final name from what I know.

The accessory pouch contains an Allen key, a replacement O-ring, and two more pouches that contain the necessary mounting hardware. I am a fan of replacement O-rings being provided. They do not cost much and help provide end users with a longer-lasting product if the block is disassembled for cleaning, hence the provided Allen key, and the stock O-ring may get pinched by mistake when everything is put back together. The first pouch contains four plastic washers, metal M3x32 screws, and locking nuts, each, while the second pouch contains four metal springs, LGA 2011(-3) mounting posts, and screw nuts, each.

Under this box is the waterblock itself, and below it is the last plastic pouch that contains the Intel backplate for sockets 775, 115x, and 1366, with the holes also corresponding to AMD's sockets, thus making this a universal backplate for the Bitspower Summit EF-X. There is no thermal paste provided, so if you do not have some already, you will have to buy some before being able to use this CPU block.
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