CES 2007: Arctic Cooling 10

CES 2007: Arctic Cooling Review

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Arctic Cooling has been in the video card aftermarket cooler market for several years. Their products are well known among overclockers and users that are looking to lower the fan noise of their video card.

Accelero S1 & S2

At this year's CES, Arctic Cooling unveiled their completely passive Accelero S Series. The coolers use heatpipes to transfer heat from the GPU to a large radiator-like surface that covers the whole video card.

Initially there will be two versions: The Accelero S1 and the Accelero S2.

The Accelero S1 is the high performance version featuring four heatpipes and supports:
  • Radeon X1800, X1900, X1950
  • GeForce 6800, 7800, 7900 and 7950 Series. 8800 cards are not supported at this time.
If you are looking for additional cooling performance or have very little airflow in your case you can install an additional Turbo Module that uses an active fan to improve cooling.

The Accelero S2 supports all low end and midrange cards ranging from Radeon 9xxx to X1650 and GeForce 4 to GeForce 7600. Compared to the S2 it has a smaller surface area and only two heatpipes, at a lower price. The Turbo Module can be installed here as well.

Freezer 64 Low Profile

To accomodate the needs of low-profile Media PCs the Freezer 64 LP was created. It is only 59 mm high, so will fit in all but the smallest cases. Air is sucked in via the two fans and exhaust on the sides of the heatsink. Initially the cooler is available only for Socket 939 and AM2, but an Intel version is in the works. Even though two small fans are installed they are running quiet at only 3000 RPM.

PWM Sharing Fans

Newer motherboards implement a four pin fan header that transmits an additional PWM signal that tells the fan how fast it is supposed to run. Usually only the CPU fan header on the motherboard is designed to do that, so you can connect only one fan. With the Arctic Cooling PWM Sharing Fans you can daisy chain up to five fans together to control them all via one PWM signal. The fans some in sizes of 80 mm, 92 mm and 120 mm
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