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CES 2007: OCZ Technology Review

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OCZ started out as a memory manufacturer for enthusiast memory. Recently they have expanded into several other areas like power supplies and cooling. This is what most of the new products at the show were about.

Power supplies

One of the most debated topics at CES was the OCZ 2kW PSU, yes you read right 2000 Watts! In order to accommodate the extreme requirements of this power supply some outside of the box (literally) thinking was necessary. The PSU comes with two parts. One that goes into your case's PSU slot. There you find all the internal connectors to the motherboard and peripherals. A huge unit that goes outside of the case houses the actual power supply. It connects to the in-case unit via beautiful shiny cables.

On the back of the external unit you find two wall power connectors. This was necessary, because using one cable alone might exceed safety specifications for those cables. Even with two power cables it might be possible that this unit could overload your house's circuit breakers, especially in the United States where smaller breakers are used. Technically there are two 900W PSUs inside the external case, sharing the load.
The unit will be available in Q1, a price is not yet known.

While detailed specs are yet unknown, the 12V rail will be able to supply up to 150 Amps! The final unit will also feature an LCD display that can display voltages and current power draw. Also you will be able to adjust your voltages using small pots on the front of the external unit.

A second new power supply is the ModXStream "OCZ900MXS".

Compared to the previous 700W unit the specs have been beefed up a bit, now the unit can supply 80 Amps on the 12V rail and 30 Amps each on 5V and 3.3V.

Equalizer Gaming Mice

OCZ's first gaming mouse product is called the "Equalizer". It will come in two sizes, one for desktop and one for notebook use. Another possible use is that people with small/large hands can pick a model that suits their hand size better. This is very important if you are planning on longer gaming sessions. Fingers that hurt are the last you want when you are enjoying a game.

The mice have a feature "Triple Threat Button" that simulates three keypresses when pressing a mouse button once. Quite useful for pistol action in Counter-Strike or to get off quick bursts. Of course this can also be used to make a double-click with just one click.

From a specs perspective both units are equal, they are just different sized.
Both units use a laser for optimum tracking. It takes 7080 frames per second with 6.4 MegaPixels/second (a 30x30 pixel frame). The little black button in the middle behind the mouse wheel lets you change the DPI setting on the fly during gaming. Available DPI settings are 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500 DPI - the right setting for everybody. For this to work no special driver or software is required.

GeForce 8800 GTX

Shortly before CES, OCZ announced that they will enter the video card market as well. Their first product is this GeForce 8800 GTX. NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 GTX is currently the fastest video card on the market. OCZ is selling the NVIDIA reference design, at NVIDIA's default clock speeds. However, OCZ is already looking into selling a pretested overclocked card that will run at higher clock speeds, while still being under warranty.

OCZ Trifecta

OCZ's Trifecta is memory card that is compatible to a number of standards at the same time. The Trifecta comes in sizes of 1 GB and 2 GB. You can use the storage card as MicroSD, regular SD and USB device. This gives you increased flexibility when purchasing a memory card. Also it makes transferring data from and to the card easier since you can connect it to any PC via USB.

OCZ Waterblock

Another new product was this CPU waterblock. At the current time there are no watercooling kits planned from OCZ. The block is compatible with all watercooling systems, you just have to put on your tubing and secure it. Unfortunately the inner diameter of the barbs is rather small. But this can be fixed by screwing on your own barbs.

The pins that the water is flowing around go all the way through the bottom and make direct contact with the CPU. This allows for increased heat transfer.
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