CES 2007: Zalman 10

CES 2007: Zalman Review

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At this show Zalman was showing off their brand-new 3D display that uses LCD technology. You have to wear special glasses to get the 3D effect which looks really amazing. The technology behind this uses the Stereo Feature of NVIDIA's drivers. When asked, Zalman said that they do not know if and how well this technology would work with ATI video cards.
There will be two display sizes initially, a 19" widescreen display and a 22" widescreen display in the "Apple" look. While the 19" display has a very limited viewing angle of only 10° the 22" one has a bigger viewing angle and could potentially be used by multiple people gaming or watching a movie. Pricing starts at $499.

To experience the 3D effect you have to wear those glasses. If you do not need the 3D effect, the display can be set to normal "2D" mode as well which means it is usable for general use and 3D can be turned on only for occasional gaming sessions. A big issue with computer generated 3D effects is that they tend to give people headaches (literally). Cyber sickness is closely related to motion sickness which some people experience when your senses tell you you are sitting idle, yet your eyes tell you you are moving around.

Another nice product was this ZM-MFC2 fan controller. It goes into a 5.25" drive bay and can control up to four fans and monitor up to four temperatures. What makes this unit special is that it can monitor the power draw of your system as well which might make it a handy tool for overclockers.
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