CES 2008: Cool IT Systems 0

CES 2008: Cool IT Systems Review

Cool IT Systems is showing off their TEC cooling units at the show. Their larges unit, which has been part of the Silverstone TJ07 case will now also be available in retail, for all you modders out there. An entry level unit is also being shown off, which is supposed to offer the advantages of a TEC unit at a lower price point. This part is meant to cool a CPU only.

The TJ07 which has been displayed at CeBIT last year, was a standard case, modified to fit the large TEC cooler. The final version, which has been designed with Silverstone features a window and also has the right amount of drive bays in the front. This is how the case will be sold in retail.

Cool IT Systems is now also offering cooling for the latest and greatest graphic cards from NVIDIA and ATI. The cooling unit is placed into two 5.25 inch drive bays and the TEC units are placed directly on the cards. They are actually powered by the onboard fan headers of the cards and both variants for the green and red camp are also on display.

To show off the multiple setups, Cool IT Systems also has multiple computers up and running, using various degrees of TEC cooling. These systems are actually from high-end PC manufacturers and can be bought as they are seen on the show floor. A simple, entry-level Coolermaster case is also present, in which the CPU is cooled by the newest, smaller, Cool IT TEC unit. It fits perfectly into the small, restrictive case.

Even though the company focuses on TEC cooling, there has been a great demand for some traditional air cooling products for OEMs. They have taken an existing CPU cooler and have made it quieter while improving performance. The previously white control unit for the TEC units is now available in a black casing as well.